Saturday, 13 July 2019

Cermai Fruit And Its Benefits

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Ceremai, Cereme, or cerme fruit is a tropical plant that is very easy to obtain and easily grows well in our land of Indonesia. This fruit has a sour taste and has quite a lot of regional nicknames. For example Cermih (Madura), Ceremoy (Aceh), Cerme (Java) and many others. The classification is still the same is Plantae and has a latin or scientific name as Phyllanthus acidus. This fruit can be eaten directly in raw condition or also processed as a drink and also salad.

Benefits of fruit for health, including:
  • - Overcoming shortness of breath
  • - Natural remedy for skin diseases
  • - As a natural antioxidant
  • - Streamlining the digestive system
  • - Reducing thrush and sore throat

For processing as a skin remedy and tightness, you can prepare roots from plants which are then washed and boiled. Add a little salt and consume it warm.

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