Thursday, 9 May 2019

Benefits of consuming spicy food

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Spicy food is indeed very arousing appetite for those who like spicy so that the food becomes more delicious when eaten, but on the contrary for those who do not like spicy may suffer greatly if they have to eat very spicy food.

Indeed there is a risk that can occur when someone consumes very spicy foods such as the onset of burning around the mouth and tongue, the stomach feels hot even if excessive can result in diarrhea for this reason there are some people who do not like spicy food.

According to research, it turns out spicy foods also have benefits for health, as we know spicy foods usually contain chili which contains a substance called capsaicin which is proven to provide many benefits to our body as reported by the Medical Daily.

Benefits of consuming spicy foodSome of the benefits of consuming spicy foods include:
1. Good for the heart
Research conducted through the American Chemical Society proves that every dish given a little chili is useful to protect one's heart health because the content of capsaicin in chili can reduce the level of bad cholesterol while good cholesterol does not have an effect so it is useful to protect someone from heart disease.

2. Contains vitamin C
The content of vitamin C in chili is certainly very good for the health of our bodies such as to prevent the occurrence of various types of minor illnesses such as flu and also colds.

3. Preventing cancer
Through a study conducted by the American Cancer Society proving that the antioxidants in capsaicin are beneficial for fighting carcinogens in the body which are the main cause of cancer so spicy food is also very good for preventing cancer.

4. Relieve pain
Based on other research conducted by ACS, people who like to consume spicy foods can actually relieve pain due to surgery and chemotherapy and reduce pain due to radiation therapy, besides the capsaicin content from chili can also help relieve pain caused by arthritis.

5. Lose weight
Based on research conducted by the Biophysical Society's Annual Meeting, it is proven that the capsaicin content in chili is useful to help reduce weight because capsaicin in the chili makes the body heat so it is very good to accelerate the burning of fat in the body. body from increasing body weight.

Those are some of the benefits of capsaicin in chili which is very good for health because eating spicy food will provide health benefits for the body, but you should consume chili naturally, because if it is too spicy and excessive it will certainly disrupt your digestion.
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