Thursday, 9 May 2019

7 indigestion due to stress

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Stress is something that often happens to every human being all because of various things and circumstances that affect a person's health, but if stress is still relatively mild it is easy to let go but if the stress is so severe and prolonged then we should be careful because many illnesses can arising from the stress.

Maybe we have faced a situation that makes us so scared, anxious, anxious, so usually our stomach will feel heartburn, cold sweat and difficulty concentrating and the mind becomes tense, that is some signs that we experience stress so that it affects our health, especially closely related to digestive disorders .

7 indigestion due to stress As reported by, our organs in the stomach, stomach and intestines, have nerves connected to the brain, and according to research 95 percent of serotonin in the body or hormones that play a role in regulating moods can be found in our digestive system.

Not surprisingly, when we are stressed, our stomach starts to experience disorders such as heartburn and others due to increased stomach acid, in addition to the contraction of digestive organs and reducing the secretion of digestive enzymes and disruption of blood flow to the digestive system.

Here are some of the effects that arise as a result of stress experienced by a person on the health of the digestive system:
1. Stress can trigger an increase in stomach acid production in the stomach so that the effect of our stomach will feel heartburn.
2. When a person experiences stress, the digestive system will be disrupted and if more severe and prolonged can result in acute health problems due to disruption of acid balance and fluid in the digestive system.
3. Stress that is left prolonged can increase a person's risk of experiencing irritable bowel syndrome.
4. The presence of stress that occurs in a person results in disruption of activities in the stomach for the digestion process and consequently a person will experience nausea.
5. Stress can trigger tension in the esophagus so that it can increase a person's risk of having a seizure.
6. Stress can make a person experience a decrease in endurance in the digestion so that a person will be susceptible to gastric infections.
7. Stress will greatly affect the digestive system, especially the intestines so that someone who is experiencing stress will be more prone to health problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

Those are some of the effects that arise in the digestive system due to the stress that occurs, but we can anticipate by consuming lots of foods that contain lots of fiber and do meditation or relaxation so that we can avoid stress which has a negative impact on our digestive system.




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