Friday, 26 October 2018

Overcoming cancer by consuming Spotted Banana

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Bananas are a fruit that is easily found everywhere and almost everyone likes this one because it tastes sweet and delicious besides the benefits of bananas for the body which is undoubtedly so bananas are a favorite fruit for the family.

Bananas that are not too ripe will be greenish yellow while the ripe banana will be yellow but both bananas that are still slightly green or already yellow are equally beneficial to our health because in bananas contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and high will the fiber content, not only is the content of sugar and a high calorific value, that is, every 1 banana contains 105 kcal of calories so it is very good for those who work quite hard like sportsmen because by consuming bananas energy needs can be fulfilled immediately.

Pisang berbintik ampuh atasi kanker
But sometimes bananas that are too ripe make the appearance of the banana skin become unattractive and change marked by the presence of brown spots and the color of the banana becomes slightly darker so that the banana will be slightly softer even bonyok and usually we will remove the brown part, but based on research, bananas that are brownish yellow will be more efficacious compared to bananas that are still green.

Through research conducted in Japan comparing the green, yellow bananas and ripe bananas which are brownish yellow in color, the darker the color of the banana skin will be better for the body because the more mature the banana in this case the brown banana will produce fruit that contains TNF substances, namely Tumor Necrosis Factor, this substance is truly extraordinary because it can fight abnormal cells, namely cells that can damage the body so as to allow the risk of tumor or cancer and TNF substances that will fight abnormal cells that is.

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In addition to the benefits of bananas that are too ripe as mentioned above, other benefits include increasing immunity, increasing levels of white blood cells and containing anti-cancer compounds so we also need to consume bananas that are very mature.

But behind the benefits of ripe bananas, there are also quite important drawbacks to consider, as reported by that bananas that are too ripe will change the levels of starch into simple sugars that are easier to digest and increase blood sugar levels faster, because it's too ripe banana is not recommended for those who have diabetes, besides the nutrients and vitamins in bananas that are too ripe to be reduced compared to bananas that are not too ripe.

So the conclusion is that the benefits of bananas that are too ripe to deal with tumors or cancer, increase white blood cells and increase immunity and lack of nutrient levels and vitamins are somewhat reduced and glucose levels become higher so we can simply consume ripe bananas once a day.


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