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Can toothpaste enlarge the breast?

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Can toothpaste enlarge the breast?
Can toothpaste enlarge the breast?

Can toothpaste enlarge the breast? - Breasts are an asset of a woman. Large breast size can make women more confident because they believe they will get a lot of attention from men. And conversely for women who have small breasts, they will feel less attractive.

To get around the "deficiency", some women try various ways to enlarge their breasts. One of them is like that of Youtuber from the US, by applying toothpaste to the chest area because it is believed to be able to tighten sagging breasts.

In his video, he said that the combination of toothpaste, wheat flour, egg white and cucumber will make the chest more swollen and denser. Another youtuber with the Susana Home Remedies account also claims that applying Vaseline and toothpaste to the nipple area can stimulate breast growth.

But is this really proven effective? Reporting from Women 's Health, health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D. said, "This will probably have a temporary taut effect after the toothpaste is applied and dried, but will then disappear when you remove the toothpaste."

Some women may not feel any effect. But the danger is when a woman feels the effects of heat and skin irritation due to applying toothpaste to her breasts.

Attractive appearance is very important indeed. However, trying things like that that have not been tested yet will actually be risky. So it's good if you are more grateful for what has been given to you. If your breasts are small and want to look big, you can treat them using a thick bra and the clothes you wear.



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