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Be careful, it turns out that the light of the sleep lamp has a bad effect on health

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Be careful, it turns out that the light of the sleep lamp has a bad effect on health - Sleeping habits accompanied by a bright sleep lamp save the possibility of adverse effects on health. Besides being able to interfere with the body's circadian rhythms, research shows the possible contribution of nighttime light to obesity, depression, and even cancer.

Each color of light can cause an unequal effect. Lights with blue light during the day can have a positive effect on mood and increase concentration. However, the effect can be reversed at night, because blue light actually has a negative impact on the body when it's time to rest.

Beware of the Light of the Night when Sleeping

Melatonin is a hormone that affects the body's circulating rhythms or biological rhythms that last 24 hours. Light emission to the body when sleeping at night can actually inhibit the formation of melatonin.

This melatonin deficiency is thought to be associated with sleep disorders and general health disorders. That is why melatonin can also be given as a sleeping drug to help a person to sleep more easily and be used to overcome sleep disorders.

Health Problems related to exposure to light at night

If the light is sleeping until it causes sleep disturbance, here are some risks regarding health problems that can occur:


From a study, it was found that thepossibility of sleeping habits using light can have an impact on eating patterns that increase the risk of overweight.


A study shows that it is possible to use sleep lights, even with low light, can increase certain physiological changes.The effects of these changes can cause certain changes in the brain and trigger depression . However, this is still being studied.

Reproductive health 

Exposure to light at night is often experienced by people who work with a work system. This can lead to reproductive health problems, especially in women. A study states that the more often a woman works with the system, the higher the risk of menstrual cycles being disrupted. The researchers suspect, this is also related to the sleep cycle which disrupts the stability of hormones.


A study says that the shift work system can interfere with the sleep cycle and become one of the risk factors for prostate cancer and breast cancer . In line with this, other studies suggest that a night's sleep with a burning sleep lamp is one of the factors that can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Sleep Tips with Safe Light

Sleep quality will also affect the quality of one's health in general. Therefore, in order to avoid sleep disturbances caused by light in the sleep lamp, you can apply the following tips:

  1. Turn off all light sources, including cellphones, TVs and computers. It is recommended to turn it off from one hour before going to bed.
  2. If you need a light sleeper, wear the red one with dim lighting when you sleep, because of the lowest effect on circadian rhythms and melatonin, when compared to other colors.
  3. Limit the lighting that enters your room.If there is bright light from outside the room, you can provide a barrier or by wearing a blindfold.
  4. Avoid turning on bright lights when you wake up at night. When you wake up to do something and need to use lighting, use a light with a dim light that is red or yellowish.
  5. When you are active during the day, use bright enough lighting. This will help you to sleep at night.
  6. If you work at night, try to get enough rest during the day. When sleeping at home, leave the room completely dark so that the body can rest. 
  7. If necessary, use sunglasses to avoid exposure to light.If you are afraid of the dark, there are many ways to overcome it. You can read guidebooks to overcome dark fears or conduct cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome phobias of darkness.

Actually there is no need to sleep at night to get quality sleep. If you are forced to use it, choose the light instead of blue. Although all colors still store the risk of inhibiting melatonin production, the effect of blue light can inhibit melatonin production up to twice as strong as other colors.


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