Saturday, 13 July 2019

Cermai Fruit And Its Benefits

Ceremai, Cereme, or cerme fruit is a tropical plant that is very easy to obtain and easily grows well in our land of Indonesia. This fruit has a sour taste and has quite a lot of regional nicknames. For example Cermih (Madura), Ceremoy (Aceh), Cerme (Java) and many others. The classification is still the same is Plantae and has a latin or scientific name as Phyllanthus acidus. This fruit can be eaten directly in raw condition or also processed as a drink and also salad.

Benefits of fruit for health, including:
  • - Overcoming shortness of breath
  • - Natural remedy for skin diseases
  • - As a natural antioxidant
  • - Streamlining the digestive system
  • - Reducing thrush and sore throat

For processing as a skin remedy and tightness, you can prepare roots from plants which are then washed and boiled. Add a little salt and consume it warm.
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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Want to be slim eat apple skin

Apple skin . Who is not familiar with this healthy fruit because Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed by our bodies such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, flavoid, fiber, minerals etc. Besides being good for the health of the body, the apple is also good for maintain healthy skin because there is a slogan that says "An apple a day will keep us from the doctor" and it is true that apples make our bodies healthier and avoid various kinds of health problems.

Apples are good for the body if consumed every day but there are also some people who throw away their skin for various reasons, but did you know that it turns out inside the apple skin contains acids that can help your diet program so that your body becomes slim and healthy.

Want to be slim eat apple skinBenefits of apple skin
The research conducted by Dr. Christopher Adams through rats fed food for diet and several groups of rats were given an additional ursolic acid namely acid contained in apple skin, it turned out that the group of rats not given ursolic acid was fatter than the group given ursolic acid.

So the research, as reported by the Medical Daily, proves that apple skin is also very effective to help you lose weight so that your diet program becomes more visible, because ursolic substances can help increase muscle mass, normalize blood sugar and reduce the risk of liver disease. fatty, not only that ursolic acid can also reduce the risk of obesity or obesity and pre-diabetes symptoms, and one thing that is truly remarkable about this ursolic acid can increase the extraordinary fat-burning substances.

Therefore, starting now, especially for those of you who want to be slim or are on a diet program , try consuming apples that are not peeled and if you do it regularly, you will see the amazing results of this apple.
Good luck and hopefully useful.


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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Causes and Symptoms of Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea is muscle cramps that are felt in the lower abdomen and can spread to the back and thighs. Pain that is felt sometimes is quite disturbing. In some women, menstrual pain that occurs can be quite severe and interfere with daily activities. Pain that is felt will appear before and when menstruating, and can last for two to four days.

Menstrual pain that arises is caused by the walls of the uterine muscles that contract so that it compresses the surrounding blood vessels. As a result, the supply of oxygen into the uterus is hampered and triggers the pain that is experienced.

The following are some symptoms that often arise with pain in the lower abdomen:
  • - Feel nauseous
  • - Headache and dizziness
  • - Feel tired and want to faint
  • - Diarrhea
  • Some medical conditions that can cause severe menstrual pain are:
  • - Fibroids. Growth of non-cancerous cells in the uterine wall can cause pain that arises when menstruating.
  • - Endometriosis. The uterine cells grow outside the uterus. It usually grows in the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Pain will arise when cells begin to erode like uterine cells during menstruation.
  • - Adenomyosis. The eroded tissue lining the uterus every menstruation begins to grow to the outer layer or the muscle wall of the uterus.
  • - Pelvic inflammatory disease. The condition when the bacteria has infected the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries has resulted in severe swelling and irritation.
  • - IUD or spiral contraception. This tool is made of plastic and copper that is inserted into the uterus. This tool can cause pain during menstruation, especially the first few months after installation.
  • - Narrowing of the cervix. The cervix or cervix that is not wide open in some women can cause obstruction of menstrual flow. This condition can cause increased pressure on the uterus and pain.
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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Symptoms of tuberculosis

In addition to the main symptoms of phlegm cough that lasts more than 21 days, tuberculosis also has other symptoms. Among them:
  • Coughing out blood.
  • A chest that hurts when breathing or coughing.
  • No appetite.
  • Weight loss.
  • Fever and chills
  • Excessive sweating at night.

Not all TB bacteria that enter the body directly cause active infection or active tuberculosis. There are cases where TB bacteria hide without causing any symptoms until one day they become active and symptoms appear. This condition is known as latent tuberculosis. Apart from not experiencing symptoms, people with latent tuberculosis are also not contagious.

Whereas TB which directly triggers symptoms because the bacteria that causes it cannot be killed by the immune system is known as active tuberculosis. It is very important that active tuberculosis be treated because if left unchecked, TB bacteria can spread and attack other organs such as the brain, kidneys and liver.
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Monday, 13 May 2019

3 Amazing Benefits of Bulus Oil for the Skin

Bulus oil is oil obtained from bull animals or similar to soft-bodied turtles where the oil is taken by means of the animal being heated for 30 days in the sun.
The oil in question is actually the fat content of the beast.

There are so many benefits of turtle oil for health and our body's health, even this turtle oil is often used by makers of beauty products as a basic ingredient, no wonder so many beauty products are struck by oil.
Bulus has several types, one of which is white bull. Bulus is the one most often used to extract oil compared to other types of turtles.

3 Amazing Benefits of Bulus Oil for the Skin

Here are some of the benefits of turtle oil:

1. Treat various skin problems
Skin is a sensitive part of your body, if you are not careful in your daily life, your skin can be contaminated with bacteria that can cause several diseases, such as skin itching, sores, scratching wounds, festering wounds and so on.
Other skin problems that can be treated with turtle oil are burns, exhaust wounds and other burn marks .
Of course you will not spend a lot of money to disguise the scar, just apply it to the scars regularly and your scar will slowly disappear.

2. Overcome various skin problems
Because the skin is sensitive, you need to maintain cleanliness, especially your facial skin.
If you do not maintain the cleanliness of your facial skin, the dirt that sticks to your face will accumulate and can cause acne and dull skin.
Therefore, there are so many beauty products that use turtle oil as a base for beauty products where turtle oil is able to remove spots or black stains on the face, prevent wrinkles on your facial skin, soften your facial skin, keep your facial skin fresh, even oil Flea can also be used as a way to lighten facial skin.

3 Amazing Benefits of Bulus Oil for the Skin

3. Raise your valuable assets
If you are a woman, you are strongly advised to use this turtle oil as a way to raise your breasts .
The way to use it is easy, just simply by applying turtle oil evenly to the outside of the breast, do it regularly to produce the results you want.
However, if you are a male, this turtle oil is also very suitable for you to use as a magnifier for your genitals, how to use it is almost the same as raising your breasts, you will get a vital tool that you want if you use it diligently.
Using this turtle oil does not promise instant results.
If you use it regularly, the results you will get slowly, interspersed with gentle massage techniques will produce maximum results.
It is true, the results obtained by each person sometimes vary, however, the efficacy of this turtle oil is undeniable, all the results you get depend on your efforts.
As said before, if you use it carefully and regularly, you will produce maximum results, even if your partner or friend is surprised.
How? Are you ready to feel the benefits of the turtle oil ? You can get a lot of bullock oil references on the market. Make sure you find the original turtle oil, huh?
Hopefully this article is useful and good luck!

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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Want Flat stomach naturally, try eating spinach

A distended stomach is clearly a nightmare for every woman. A distended stomach will make a sense of self drop dramatically and become uncomfortable using tight clothes. A fat body and a distended abdomen are usually caused by a variety of bad lifestyles such as sleeping after dinner, snacking at night, and eating junk food.

Well, the following Vemale will try to present one easy tip that you can do to lose weight and get rid of bad fat in the stomach. This method is very natural and cheap. All you need to do is just consume spinach.

Spinach is beneficial to help the stomach feel full for a long time. This will keep you from eating too much. This green vegetable is very rich in nutrients and low in calories so it will help eliminate fat in the body. In addition to making the flat stomach and slim body, eating spinach regularly also provides a lot of calcium for the body which will keep the muscles strong.

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden found that spinach extract containing a green membrane of leaves called thylakoid can help the process of weight loss. This substance turns out to be able to make a full feeling longer, so the desire for snacking decreases.

By including spinach in your diet, the frequency of snacking will drop dramatically. We know that snacking is one source of obesity. Therefore, let's start entering this spinach menu in daily food to flatten the stomach and get a slim body.
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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Milia Skin Disease

Milia Skin Disease
Milia Skin Disease

Milia Skin Disease - Milia is one of the skin conditions which is also dubbed as baby acne because it generally appears in newborns. Milia is also known as the millium cyst and is not dangerous and does not require special treatment because it can disappear by itself. In addition to infants, milia can also appear at any age and in certain cases sufferers can be recommended to go through the treatment process.

Milia can be translated into several types, namely:

Neonatal milia, which is the term for milia in newborns and usually appears in the area of ​​the nose, cheeks, scalp to mouth. This condition is quite common and is considered normal.

Primary milia, namely milia that appears at the age of children and adults, usually appears in the area of ​​the forehead, eyelids, and around the genitals. This condition can disappear within a few weeks to months.

Secondary milia, namely milia which appears as a result of damage to the skin layer, such as burns. Disorders of the sweat gland can also be milia triggers that can appear anywhere on the body. Milia can also appear as an effect of the use of corticosteroid skin creams.

Milia en plaque, is milia in the affected part of the skin and is a rare case. This type of milia usually appears on the eyelids, around the ears, cheeks and jaw. This type of milia generally attacks middle-aged women.

Multiple eruptive milia, which is milia which is also classified as rare and usually appears on the face, upper arms, and upper body, such as the neck. This type of milia appears as a cluster within a few weeks or months.
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